Monday, 22 June 2015

We Get Around! 06/22/2015


I went contacting with some of the young sisters one day
and got to ride in a trike.  I have to say- it was pretty fun!
Not too easy to get in and out of, but a fun ride!

I bet some of you are wondering about some of the rules of the road around here.  Actually, that has probably not entered your thoughts, but we thought you might enjoy seeing what life is like without the strict safety laws we have in North America.

I had my first ride in a trike which was lots of fun!  Usually 3 people fit inside this little side car and one usually rides up behind the driver.  We have seen more people squish inside and a couple of people behind a driver, but fortunately for me there were only 2 of us inside on this ride.  I can't imagine how another adult would have squished in!  It is amazing what these little trikes can carry!  Who needs a pick up truck when you have one of these little babies!
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The one picture I wanted to take most was of a family on a motorbike with a little child up in front of his dad, and a mom holding a squirming child behind.  Helmets?  What are those!  We have seen this many times, but they always ride by too quickly for us to catch a picture.  We hope you find the following pictures we have spotted on our travels.  You might not see this is America!

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go!
Bringing their wares to be sold in the markets.


Which is bigger, the load or the carrier?

Have a fridge to move?  No problem!

Capturing the wind!

A few clay pots anyone?

Jewish Presence in the Philippines?
 To finish this section off, here is a very threatening road sign....

Make up your own punishment!

We don't just look at the traffic all day, in case you are wondering!  Remember we wrote about how we are involved with the Self Reliance program?  Here is a graduate!  We brought some friends to their restaurant one day.  It is in front of their house.  They have tables and benches, enormous  
 pots of delicious food cooking and you can't beat the prices for such good home cooking!  This is chicken pancit and it was masarup!  You should come for a visit and try some- our treat!  This is a thriving business.  They have a full menu.

We went on many teaching appointments since I wrote last, but didn't take too many pictures.  It seems that rainy season is beginning.  We were in one house trying to teach, when all of a sudden the skies opened up and there was such thunder, lightning and POURING rain on the hot tin roof, that we were shouting at each other to be heard.  We finally gave up on that idea.  We couldn't hear a thing.  I tried including a movie of that, but it was taking forever to load.  Guess you miss out on that experience!

We parked out car along the highway and
practically had to scale down this concrete wall
to get to a house below.  You don't get the full
effect in this picture.  You see the stairs down
to the sidewalk level, but there is another wall
below that.  We had a nice visit with a mother
and daughter who have both had strokes.  It is
such a trial for them!

This is a bridge over some very troubled water!  The water is full
of garbage.  It's one of those bridges that makes you want to pray
before crossing!  We visited this brother twice to encourage
him to come back to church.  He wept at the invitation to come
back!  It's just WORTH it to cross those scary bridges!

Here is a family that is excited about putting
together their family history!  They are all working
on it!

This was the calm before the storm.  I have to mention that
it was 40 degrees C this day.  There is a humidex reading
that lets you know what it feels like with the humidity.
That brought it up to 56 degrees C!  The sky finally opened up!

This was a Family Home Evening we got to be a part of.
This is only part of the crowd.  There is always dinner, a
lesson and games.  Such fun!

Part of our church humanitarian services is a program called LDS Charities.  People (church members or not), with physical disabilities are brought to the church to get assessed for a wheelchair or walkers.  It is such a wonderful service that blesses lives!  The gym was full of people waiting to be assessed.
This is the tail end of the day.

I'll end with a couple of pictures of critters.  I know you can't really see anything in this tree, but
this tree is filled with bats!  It was very cool!  The other picture is just a bug that I think is really pretty!  Look at that green and it's legs are a shiny gold!  
These trees are filled with hundreds of bats!  I wish you could
see them in those branches, hanging upside down.  You're just
going to have to trust me!
Can you see the golden legs on this bug?
They shimmer!

I'll do better on pictures of actual missionary work next time.  We LOVE being here and spending time with such wonderful people!  We are BUSY every day which is just the way we want to be.

Until next time!  Ingat!


  1. So very enjoyable to hear about the wonderful mission experiences. Please keep them coming. Jerry and I have a desire to serve. However our girls are so young right now. We hope that our health and vitality will be preserved so we can have this experience.

    1. Thanks Carol! Serving a mission is wonderful, but raising children is the best of all! Senior missionaries are in huge demand and there are all different kinds of missions available. If you have the desire, I'm sure you will have the chance to serve a mission one day. Isn't it great to be a mother? Enjoy those girls because they grow up TOOOOOO fast! Love ya!

  2. I keep trying to comment, but my words seem to be erased over again. Just want to say that Caren and Mike you are such great role models. And the high humidity must be your Fountain of Youth, you two look like newlyweds. Heavenly Father picked just the right couple for scaling walls and rickety bridges. That is why he had you both take such good care of yourselves. I love you, and pray that you are able to bless hundreds of hundreds of Philippino people. I love their names, from when I did indexing, and from people I work or go to church with. Like: Concepcion, Mercy, Innocentia, etc. ----Diana Robbins (P.S. I am moving, again, this time from London to Gateway ward.