Monday, 23 March 2015

Well, the adventure has begun!  We are officially Elder and Sister Wood.  We entered the MTC today!  Jacob dropped us off at the curb.  We were greeted by volunteers there and then 2 young elders brought us around to the various places we needed to go.  Once we had all our supplies, name tags and swipe key we went to our orientation sessions.  We met lots of great people all along the way.  There were probably about 15 other couples and 2 single sisters.  Most are going to Nauvoo, but many other places are represented.  We are the only ones going to the Philippines.

The Mission President of the MTC is President Burgess and Sister Burgess.  I knew I recognized her, but couldn't figure out how I knew her.  It finally hit me!  When I was Stake YW President she was on the YW General Board and came to Winnipeg to train us.  We had a wonderful time talking about her visit.  I told her how much it meant to us to have them come see us.

We had to take a classic picture pointing to the map.  Here it is!  We felt like kids on the first day of school!  So far, so good!