Sunday, 15 November 2015

Long Time Coming!

Baskets anyone?

 Hello Everyone!

I know, it's been a while.  As a matter of fact, it has been so long that I think the best way to do some catching up is through pictures and small captions, so I'm planning to do a few different topics and they may come in a variety of posts.  The pictures will definitely be random!  We'll see how this develops and if the internet cooperates.  My blogging skills should also be incorporated in the equation.  I lack many skills in that category!
Some have a dog tied up in their yard and some have...a carabao!
He was mean looking too!

Okay, I admit it.  I had feelings of wanting to go
home when I discovered I had lice one day.
Jerome to the rescue!  He was willing to hand
pick the lice that weren't killed by the
shampoo.  This was not a fun experience!

Jerome and his Lola.  It was fiesta time and they
prepared a feast for everyone!  I know this
picture is very dark, but trust me- it was delicious!

We went to a Filipino cultural centre with the other
missionary couples for an activity and I was chosen
out of the crowd to try out one of the dances.  The point of
the dance is to jump in and out of bamboo poles that are
clapped together.  It is called, tinikling.  My feet weren't caught too
many times.  My dancing partner kept saying, "Faster ma'am!"

A wedding in a member's yard.  The branch got together to
decorate, which was really nice of them.

The newlyweds and the oldie weds!
Mother of the Bride cooking some of the
wedding pancit.  Most of the food was cooked by
the Mendoza's, the hosts of the wedding.
Dinalupihan Zone activity.  By the way, the house in
the background is where the newlyweds from the
above picture, live.
Everyone brought ingredients and the
missionaries cooked the food on
site.  Two banana leaves were our plates.
Our delicious lunch was laid out and
the eating began.  Hands only please!
All done!  It was quite the meal!
This is one of our favorite fruits-
a mangosteen.  You take the top off and
then pull the hard shell apart.  Inside, the fruit
almost looks like a bulb of garlic.  The
separate little "cloves" are so sweet and
Another one of our favorites- Lanzone.
These taste like sweet grapefruit, but
with a totally different texture.  It also separates
into little "cloves".

So, that's it for this post!  Random, just like I promised!
We will try to do a little better about posting more often.
We are still loving our time here.  We dislike the heat, but love
the people!  We also love the Lord and love the
work we are doing here.  It's a great experience that we
highly recommend!
Till next time...Kita kits!  Ingat!