Monday, 20 April 2015

Who Let the Dogs Out? Who!


I should probably explain this week's blog subject.  From what we have seen, there is basically one breed of dog here- MUTT.  They all look alike and they all look hungry as they just wander the streets reproducing.  This is not a place for animal lovers as there are so many dogs, cats and other animals (besides fighting cocks), that are starving and unloved.  We confess that we are not lovers of the dogs and cats whose barks and human-like cat crying, that we hear all night.  We also wake up to the roosters in the mornings, but we don't mind that as much! Now onto lighter subjects...

Many members and friends gathered together in one house near where we live, for a Family Home Evening.  We had a wonderful lesson, games, and we introduced the primary song,  Smiles.  The lesson was about the importance of families and treating each other with love.  We got the gyst of it even though it was all in Tagalog.  There's always enough English thrown in to make it sort of understandable.  They call it Tag-lish.  One game we played was a new way to play Simon Says and it was really fun!  That is a good way to teach us Tagalog.  I used the missionaries as props for teaching Smiles and everyone was having fun.  Filipino's LOVE to laugh and have fun, one of their many traits that we are falling in love with!  There is ALWAYS food at their gatherings and we love that too!
Here are a few people from the Family Home Evening.
The man in the wheelchair is an artist.  We hope to get
a portrait done.  Our Branch President is in the white.

Another highlight is our keyboarding class.  There are very few piano players here, so sometimes the church chorister will just stand up and sing the first line of a song, then says "go!" and then people all sing the melody at that pitch.  We are getting piano lessons going in a couple of branches.  The youth are VERY enthusiastic about it.  There is a family in Oregon that provides the Harman Grant Fund.  They fund electric keyboards and teaching materials to countries and people that would never be able to afford instruments and training on their own.  Another missionary couple got the program started here last January and I'm continuing with it.  I'm very thankful to them for getting the program going here!  Three of the branches we work with, have music programs we are helping with and we are loving it!  The students practice so hard and are such fast learners!  The Church has developed a very easy program to teach.  It is just wonderful!!  Here is one of our classes we work with.

This is their "funny faces" shot!  These kids are awesome!
We have so much fun with them!
 On Wednesday we went with about 8 other
missionaries to do a service project.  A family
was adding to their house and we went out to help mix the concrete (with shovels), haul concrete blocks, and chop wood for their cooking fires.  They grow rice, and vegetables.  Here are a few pictures from that day:

Just a few roosters hanging out by the
outdoor kitchen and some cement mixing
on the side of the kitchen.

Caren and the Caribao.

A better view of the kitchen and area.
 We all had a great time working and got a LOT done.  The walls went up fast- just cinder blocks and cement, then they use a trowel to put more cement on for smooth walls.  The family made us a feast to thank us!  A really fun part was being able to sit on a caribao.

Here is the house under construction,
It will be a wonderful house!

We were invited back out to the Pangang's again on Friday for their joint birthday party and daughter's graduation party.  An activity that is enjoyed here is Videoke.  From what we can tell, filipino's love to sing.  We have heard many beautiful voices and noticed lots of place to rent "videoke" equipment for gatherings.  Again, some delicious food was prepared.  Masarup!
Here we are with the guests of honor including the graduate that is hiding
next to me and behind her mom.

 Here are some other pictures of some scenes and houses out in the country.

 The Young Women in both of the Lubao branches asked me to teach them to make cookies.  This fulfilled one of the Personal Progress requirements.  We haven't met many people who have ovens, so they had never made cookies before.  We had a lot of fun!  They loved it!  They made enough cookies to bring around to less active YW.  We made peanut butter cookies and snickerdoodles.

This is not a good picture and doesn't include everyone, but
the internet won't allow me to upload anymore.  Some of
the young men appeared for the activity since they heard
there would be cookies!
These are our 2 ovens we used to
bake all the cookies!

Princess is surrounded by her family.
We were able to attend a missionary farewell on Saturday night.  Many young people go on missions here.  It is so wonderful because they return and become leaders in the branches with their learned skills from their missions.  It is VERY rare that a missionary is called to serve outside of the Philippines.  This is a young woman named Princess that is leaving for her mission to Laoag this week.  She will be a great missionary!

Here are some pictures of our apartment (more of a townhouse) and views from our window.  We've been subject to a few "brown outs" this week- a government enforced way to ration electricity.  One night the water was turned off as well.

Home, Sweet Home!
Side yard.

Our view past our gate.

View from our balcony.

Travelling on our way back home after a meeting we were behind this little piggy on a motorcycle tricycle.  He's going to market in style!  These trikes are more like miniature trucks and carry every imaginable type of freight.

We miss all of you and love you!  Kita-kits sa linggo!


  1. Love seeing all the pictures. I can only imagine the great impact the two of you are having. It is so wonderful that you are teaching them how to use the keyboard--such a great blessing for all of them.

    I can't believed you baked all those cookies in those 2 little ovens!!!

  2. So wonderful to hear about all your amazing experiences and the great work you are doing. The pictures are amazing and the two of you look so happy with all your adventures. Keep up the great work. Love The Moore's